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Welcome to Zuza's Way Integrative Care

  • If You are having a Medical Emergency Call 911 or go directly to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Portal Messages are not always Checked During Non-Business hours



  • Welcome to Zuza's Way Integrative Care
  • By registering below you are making the process of becoming a NEW patient easier but you still have to call our office or request an appointment online.

  • Our Fax Number is 262-910-1607

Open: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-5

  • After appointments please give at least 72 hours for a visit summary to be completed and published

  • Please Upload all document directly to your portal and NOT through email.  We cannot accept records sent to email. 
  • We also cannot log into your MyChart to get records for you. 
Uploading instruction from My Chart:
Go to the report and open it, click on the print icon
When the box pops up for you to print change the printer to Save As or Save to PDF (Name The Document)
It will then save to your computer. 
You can then go into Zuza's Way Portal and under Lab's and Documents there is blue upload button
Click that button and upload document directly to your Chart

Communication between appointments is done through the portal.  We will not communicate through email and only the portal. 


Portal questions for any of the PRACTITIONERS will be billed starting $25 - depending on the complexity and time spent on the answer.  If a question is  too complex you will not be billed and instead told to schedule a consultation.


Our Practitioners will NOT communicate through facebook, messenger or email.   Please only use the PORTAL.


No charge for the following portal messages: 


Appointment request: Mary Beth

Medication refill request:  Mary Beth 

Mistletoe questions/ordering and teaching, hyperbaric ozone scheduling and nutritional questions: Heidi RN

Portal questions not related to your recent visit will be billed accordingly. 

Follow up Visits: $250 30 min

Extended follow up visits: $300  - if you have not seen us in 6 months an Extended follow up will be scheduled. 

Urgent Care Visits: $50-300

Portal Visit: $200 - Your Practitioner will go over your labs and follow up notes and formulate a plan for next steps together without a live appointment. 

Follow Up: You must fill out both a follow up form and have labs prior to every follow up - labs will be ordered at the end of your last visit for the following visit. 

Register with Zuzas Way Integrative Care

Welcome to the Zuzas Way Integrative Care registration page. To register as a new patient, please enter your information in the fields below. Please do not use this form if you are already a patient (you have seen any of our practitioners in the past). To set up patient portal access or amend your information, please contact us.

If you are already a registered patient with online access, you can log in here

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